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Saint Michael's Mead

 Husband and wife, Michael and Melissa Poole have created the perfect 100% gluten free carbonated alcoholic beverage as an alternative for beer. The world’s oldest alcoholic drink - MEAD. 

Our Varieties

Outcast - blackberry mead


  Made with an ample amount of ripe blackberries, this highly sought after mead will quench any thirst.


8% ABV.

Blonde - lightly hopped mead


  We brewed this mead with just the right amount of hops.  It is reminiscent of  traditional blond style beer.

8% ABV.

Bee Hoppy - IPA style mead


Brewed with four different hops in very generous quantities, this mead is sure to please any hop head out there.

8% ABV.

Solstice - Belgian style spiced mead


This mead was made with fresh ground coriander and South Texas orange peel.  We added a very light amount of hops to round out the brew.

7.2% ABV.

Amber - Dark golden mead


Looking for a mead packed with flavor........ This is it. 

Brewed with fresh ground dark roasted coffee and vanilla.  We use a little Buckwheat honey for a nice full bodied mead.

8% ABV

Pinehopple - hopped mead with pineapple


We packed the tropics into this easy drinking mead.  Made with ripe pineapple and a nice blend of Galena, Citra, and Simcoe Hops.  ENJOY!

8% ABV.